Infinity edge swimming pool by North Brisbane pool builders! Completely transform your backyard into a holiday resort with a custom designed and built infinity edge swimming pool. We pride ourselves in providing nothing short of luxury in this swimming pool design category. Think about that resort you went on holiday with! Did you like the infinity edge pool design? Well, pull out those photos and talk to our team of concrete pool builders on how we can incorporate these design aspects into your new Brisbane infinity edge pool.

What is an infinity edge pool?

It is luxury at its finest! An infinity edge swimming pool is often referred to as a vanishing edge or wet edge pool, as explained by Pool Broker. Normally at least one edge is above ground for water to seamlessly run over the edge to create that visual perception of a never ending flow of water into the distance. This is achieved with an auto top up valve to ensure a constant supply of water to the swimming pool. Most people incorporate a holding tank as part of their pool project to achieve this. Where does the water go once it spills over? The water spills over into a trough and is recirculated back through the swimming pool.

Creating a focal point

If you are going to spend that extra money in building an infinity edge pool, then consider all design elements available. Thinking about the back wall which is aboveground, consider tiling this so that it pops and becomes that feature in its own right. You could go even further by incorporating pool lighting into the infinity edge trough to light up the water and external wall at night! It can look absolutely spectacular.

Also consider other options like fully tiling your pool. A fully tiled pool interior as compare to a pebblecrete will create that luxury appeal. The benefit of tiling your swimming pool means that you can literally tie it into your overall design aesthetics given the range and choice in tiles available on the market.

The design elements shouldn’t stop here! Create a water feature to compliment your infinity edge pool! Maybe some deck jests? Deck jets are a discrete alternative to creating a grand water feature. You can hide these in the pools coping tile, so you won’t even notice the exist. That is until they get turned on of course. When you have a valve attached you can even control the flow of water. But, wait! Did you know you can also light up your deck jets? Just like your standard water features you can also add lights to deck jets, giving your swimming pool that extra focal point.

Get started!

Considering an infinity edge pool builder in Brisbane? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with North Brisbane Pools today and we will provide you with an obligation free onsite measure and quote. As part of our quote we can present to you an array of design options to help you make a well informed decision.

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