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Lagoon Style Pool


Lagoon style swimming pools can create an amazing tropical oasis that many people dream of! These pools are normally freeform in shape, with rock water features, natural coping tiles, and have surrounding landscaping that blends into the pools theme of a tropical oasis. With a lagoon pool you can create that perfect holiday retreat in your very own back yard. No matter the size backyard you have, here at North Brisbane Pools we can help make this a reality!

What sort of features are normally included in a lagoon style pool?

Waterfalls & Features

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]With multiple water features made of natural rock or stone you can create that natural looking waterfall. You may choose to add in creeping tropical plants to cover parts of the rock. This will make it look much more natural and help blend into the landscaping. Alternatively you may decide that stacking rocks or stone will set off a better look and feel in your tropical oasis.

Strategically placing small jets in your pool can help generate a subtle sound of moving water similar to what you might hear walking through a rain forest.North Brisbane Pools have a wide range of jets available for you to choose from. Ask our team today.

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Landscaping around a lagoon style pool normally involves adding layers of tropical plans to tie into the pool. Greenery really help create the tropical oasis of a lagoon style pool. You want to almost think of a rainforest and the layers of plants you might find. Plants that will help tie all of this in include small shrubs, palms, big leafy plants, creeping plants, and small hints of colour.

Here at North Brisbane Pools we won’t just help you build your pool, but we will also help you with your surrounds and landscaping.

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Placing lights throughout the landscaping to highlight some of the tropic plans will help show off your tropical oasis. Keeping in mind to limit these lights to something mild so you can relax in the pool and see the nights stars. Tie your pool into the surrounding lighting by strategically placing your choice of coloured lights in the pool. This will really show off your new addition to your backyard! Most well designed lagoon style pools have deep purple, blue, or green lights. You can also have multi-colourer lights to change the mood as you please.

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Don’t restrict your imagination. With North Brisbane Pools our pool builders can help you design and create a lagoon style master piece in your backyard, no matter your ideas! Reach out to our team today for an obligation free quote today.

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