For all of the exercise enthusiasts out there, we have the best lap pool builders Brisbane has on offer. Most lap pools are quite long and in excess of 10 meters. However, these days many homeowners choose to instead install swim jests in a narrow swimming pool to create a current to swim against. The exercise requirement is easily achievable and much more cost effective with swim jets. Talk to our team about how we can make your lap pool a reality and get swimming today.

As a concrete lap pool builder we get that people are time poor, especially when it comes to juggling the kids, and making time to hit the local swimming pool, but not anymore. That’s where North Brisbane Pools come in. We can help you design your own lap pool in the privacy of your own home. What’s even better is that it doesn’t have to be a boring average lap pool. The beauty of concrete means that we can literally design it exactly how you want. We can still help you achieve your own backyard oasis.


Yes, now we have you thinking! Incorporating a water feature in your lap pool will not only create a focal point, but a peaceful sound of water trickling as you sun-bake on the waters edge. Furthermore, incorporating lighting into the sheer descent (this is where the water will flow from), you can make your water feature light up at night so you can relax with friends in your entertainment area whilst taking in the beauty of your swimming pool water feature. Go one step further and incorporate some unique mosaic or stack stone tiles. Not only will this compliment your water feature during the day, but it will also provide different reflections and shadows against the water feature lighting at night.


Now, if you’re all about exercise, then one can only assume you’re a bit health conscious too. There should be no loss of consideration when it comes to deciding the best water sanitiser. We know that chlorine it itself is a carcinogenic, therefore, maybe you should consider a fresh water or mineral water sanitising system. There are many on the market, but one we use quite frequently is the Purapool Oxygen Minerale. The Purapool Oxygen Minerale provides a healthier swimming experience when coupled with the Purasalts which are a blend of Himalayan minerals. These minerals make your skin feel soft through a more natural swimming experience. What’s even better is the fact you can enjoy swimming in your lap pool for longer and say goodbye to sore eyes and itchy skin that often comes from chlorinated pool.


Let North Brisbane Pools turn your dream lap pool into a reality. Contact our team for an obligation free onsite consultation and quote. You won’t regret it!  


Check out some different lap pool designs to spark your inspiration. 

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