Are you looking to include the Pentair or Onga range in your next pool construction project with North Brisbane Pools? Look no further! Here at North Brisbane Pools we have no limitations to your filtration needs. You can chose to include the Penatir or Onga range to your quote or changeover from your contracted filtration equipment. Check out the Pentair / Onga range on Pentair’s website and check out our list of recommended products for your next pool build below.

Onga ECO800 Pool Pump

Being precision engineered and assembled in Australia under the highest standards and by using the latest in pool pump technology materials, the eco800 is built like a tank,

Onga ECO800 Features

  • 3 speed pump
  • 8 star energy rating
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Super quiet operation
  • High-tech axial flux permanent magnet motor
  • This pump also includes a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Onga ECO800 Pool Pump Brochure

Cristal-Flo II Sand Filter 25”

You won’t burn many calories maintaining the Sta-Rite® Cristal-Flo II sand filter. A little two-way wrist action on the control valve puts the Cristal-Flo II filter to work cleaning itself. And this is one workout routine you won’t have to
do very often. Through innovative engineering, the filter’s dirt-handling capacity is maximized, which extends the
time between cleanings (backwashing). But best of all, the Cristal-Flo II filter promises to make your pool water sparkle in the sun and shimmer in the moonlight.

Cristal-Flo Sand Filter Features

  • Easy maintenance
  • Outstanding water quality
  • One-piece tank
  • Unionized pump to filter connection

Cristal-Flo II Sand Filter 25” Brochure

SR Series Chlorinator

The Sta-Rite® SR Series Salt Water Chlorinator is a fully automated system and is proudly made in Australia. Digital control, battery back-up and self cleaning (reverse polarity) as standard. It is available in two sizes – 20g/hr and 30g/hr and is available with optional two additional timed power outlets. The add on pH system maintains your pool water in the correct pH range – making the SR series one of the most efficient and smartest salt chlorinators on the market.

SR Series Features

  • Battery backed up digital clock
  • Touch pad control
  • Reverse polarity self cleaning chlorinator cell
  • Optional pH doser
  • Guaranteed by a 2+3 year warranty – 2 years full plus further 3 years pro rata on cell.

SR Series Chlorinator Brochure

LTP & PPP Pump Range

For your seperate pump needs, for example water feature, operate jets we recommend utilising the Pentair PPP range. If you have an existing pool and you wish to change over your equipment to the LTP or PPP range you can purchase your LTP or PPP pump through our parent company Pool Shop Australia. Our team will changeover and install your new pump without hassle.

Please note: You can change over to any Pentair / Onga products at no additional charge to your current quote or contract.

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