Once often considered an unaffordable luxury, pool heating has come a long way in terms of price, technology and options. We can show you how even a large pool can now be heated year-round giving you all-season pleasure for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee.

We know you will be excited about the choices and your ability to make swimming at home a year-round delight, whether you are installing a new pool or spa or would like to explore heating options for existing installations as a renovation project.

Our knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with all the information about the three options of heating by solar power, gas and electricity and the pros and cons of each in the context of your unique property, preferences and budget.

Here are some details to get you thinking, and please contact us today for a detailed discussion and free, no-obligation quote.


The power of harnessing the energy of the sun to heat your pool or spa. Try:

  • panels, which can be installed on any sloping or flat surface, and not just roofs; or
  • rubber or strip systems, which can be installed according to the contours of your roof and other, smaller or odd-shaped surfaces to blend in while maximising exposure.


Clean and surprisingly inexpensive, these are easy to operate and have many safety features. Try:

  • our gas heating systems approved for installation on any surface; or
  • natural gas or propane gas heater options that may depend on availability to your area.


A large variety of latest-technology options are available for different climates and environments and size of the pool or spa. Talk to us about the many efficient and environmentally friendly options to suit your pool or spa, your budget and your unique situation.

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