Cleaning Equipment

We are a one-stop shop for all your pool needs at North Brisbane Pools.

Our shop service stocks all the best local and imported brands for complete care of your pool and spa. We are here to help you ensure that your pool and spa always look their best and are free of debris, mould or bacteria.

We provide all the equipment you might need to maintain your pool or spa and also offer a maintenance service. So if you are time-poor or would just like to leave it to the experts, our highly skilled team can regularly inspect and clean your pool or just advise you about the most time- and cost-efficient ways for you to do so.

North Brisbane Pools recognises that your pool, spa and home and backyard environment environment is as unique as you are, and will cater to your particular needs, budget and lifestyle in suggesting the most appropriate products and services for you.

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, so please contact us today to discuss your ideas and needs for the pool and home spa lifestyle you dream of.


Tending to the sanitising of your beloved pool or spa is vital. At North Brisbane Pools we will help you make the right choices for you about chlorinating and advise you on upkeep.

Health departments recommend chlorination as the best and safest way to to keep pool water clean and chemically balanced, and we will guide you in choosing from the three main options:

  • installing a salt chlorinator that produces chlorine (the most popular option)
  • adding chlorine by hand
  • installing a liquid chemical feeder that automatically feeds chlorine into the pool.

As part of our 360-degree service, we will ensure you are knowledgeable about maintaining and monitoring the chemical balance in your water, and as we are the complete one-stop shop for all your pool and spa needs, you need look no further than our own pool shop for all your chlorinating equipment, chemicals and testing kits.

Having a beautiful, lifestyle-enhancing pool or spa is easy and fun with the right knowledge and materials. Contact us today to discuss your chlorinating needs and to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

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